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Kim Kohatsu

Director of Marketing at PickFu, an instant polling service that e-commerce sellers use to optimize product listings. With PickFu, online stores can quickly test product photos, description copy, and UI layouts with shoppers who reflect their target demographic, including Amazon Prime members, those within a certain income bracket, or people based on traits such as homeownership, marital status, or exercise habits.
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How to Optimize Your Product Listings

May 7, 2019 10:10:00 AM / by Kim Kohatsu posted in Product Optimization


The best way to know what real people like is to get the elements of your product listing (the description, photos, and name) in front of them. Are they seeing what you intend them to see? Do they bring associations you didn’t think of? As you test your listing, common themes and reactions begin to emerge. These insights will give you a sense of how to improve your listings, and ultimately, your sales.

With millions of products in the e-commerce universe, it’s difficult to stand out. However, by thinking strategically about your product listings and using feedback and data to improve them, your products will look most appealing and generate more sales.

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